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01. High Experience

All of our team members for their professionalism, experience and passion for education

02. Qualified Teachers

Our team is made up of tutors ready to pass on their expertise and love of music to all students.
With a diverse range of specialisms and passions between them.

03. Effective programs

Music programs provide opportunities to enhance student learning, achievement and performance in music and arts education.

04. Awards and certificates

Here at Aarambh Music Academy, we assess all our students through periodic Internal Music Exams.
In addition we have sent thousands of students for International Music Exams.

05. Own musical instruments

We have all types of musical instruments

06. Affordable price

About Aarambh Music Academy

Aarambh Music Academy has proven its commitment to quality music education in the Rohaniya Area since opening our doors in September 2016.

Aarambh Music Academy exists to discover and build on the musical and creative potential present in children and adults too. As a result, we make them as musical as they desire to be and also nurture their talent. Further, at Aarambh Music Academy, we impart music knowledge in the best way possible manner with passion and conscience. Even more, we impart music learning to different types of individuals with varying skills. Thus, we kindle a love for learning music that keeps aflame for a lifetime. Hence, for us at Aarambh Music Academy, teaching music is a passion and an absolute pleasure!


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